One of Colorado’s most famous destinations, Telluride is a historic mining town that has become a popular center for festivals and skiing. Located in a box canyon high in the San Juan Mountains, there is no denying the striking beauty of the snow-covered peaks and pine forests that surround the town. It’s easy to see why it has become a fashionable hangout for the rich and famous.

Access to Telluride is via nearby Mountain Village just off the highway. To cut down pollution and congestion, a free tram carries people between the two towns. Mountain Village has a number of services such as parking lots and a golf course which wouldn’t fit in the small valley where Telluride is located, leaving the limited space there free for period homes, art galleries, gourmet restaurants, and all manner of shops. During summer months the streets are filled with attendees of music, art, and film festivals; something is going on every week in the bustling town.

Telluride is in southwest Colorado, about 120 miles southeast of Grand Junction and 200 miles southwest of Denver.